Skip forward/back

Would like to see a user option to be able adjust the number of seconds to skip forward and/or back.

I’d like to see 30 sec skip forward, 10 sec skip back.  Even if the times don’t change, I would like to see skip implemented uniformly between the ipad app and HTML 5 web app.

+1 ixat, consistency even in just the web interface across platforms would be ideal. 

But really, think bigger than a timed skip button… Tablo doesn’t sell a remote, why mimic one? I personally tire of pushing a button over and over to skip commercials (and it’s a horrible experience on Chromecast… 5 seconds of buffering for only 30 seconds of skip… come on, who in there right mind??? and watching the whirrly-wig loading icon… come on!!! is that what 5 seconds of my life is worth… 5 little spins around a circle… sigh… I digress) what I would like to see is some huge improvements in the slider. a) show me a preview thumbnail as I slide, so I can see when I’m past the commercials or other dumb actors I don’t like  b) increase the touch area for the slider (I can not begin to express how frustrated I get trying to get to the beginning of a show in the web UI on Windows as my touch of the slider actually adjusts the volume every x#@! time)  c) do like the Chrome beta on android does and show the video time as I slide, so I know how far I’m sliding on different sized screens (simply brilliant and almost as good as a preview thumbnail… I want both) d) in your apps at least, make the whole video interface interactive… give me flick gestures to skip forward and back or something… you didn’t sell me a remote… let Roku people live with remotes… join me in the future and dream up some dynamic fresh touch screen experiences… the whole screen should be interactive at all times  d) if I skip forward in a video then cast it… never, I mean never, start the cast from the beginning.

I would also like this option