Skip comercial not working

I payed for the skip comercial subscription and its not working

Did you enable it under settings? Only shows recorded after enabling it would have commercial detected. It does not work on existing recordings. What version of firmware is the tablo running?

If is it already enabled both in settings and subscriptions is there a status for an attempt at commercial detection for a recording. If so what is the status?

@bighec6040 Sorry to hear you’re running into that. There are troubleshooting steps here:

I have the premium with commercial skip but its still not working the skip commercials is on the settings.

Ok so it didn’t work new shows after the fact of activating the skip commercial n all settings are as recommended. On Fire stick

If you’re using the original app vs. the Tablo PREVIEW app, the indicators and messages for commercial skip will not be in the user interface, but the skips will still work in the player when available.

It may be easier for you to know which recordings have been processed if you make the switch to Tablo PREVIEW on the Fire TV.