Single Station Freezes At Top of Every Hour

I’ve been a happy Tablo user for around a year now. However, we’ve been having a problem with one channel (actually, all of its sub-channels). Essentially, at the top of every hour, this channel freezes - sometimes it comes back a minute or two later (having skipped the minute or two while it was frozen), but sometimes it stays frozen. When frozen, one can back out to the channel menu and then come back to watching the channel and the problem is usually (but not always) gone. This only happens on one channel (and its sub-channels) - all other channels always play straight through the top of the hour with no problems.

The channel in question is WODK channel 45 in the St. Louis, MO area (actually 45-1 through 45-7); this is a relatively low-power station, but we get it with all green dots for signal strength.

Anyone else had this problem and solved it?

Very interesting observations; can’t say I’ve seen anything similar. Which app are you using when this happens? Apple TV, Roku, etc.? Do you experience the same behaviour on more than one Tablo app?

Any (i.e. all) of the Tablo apps we use exhibit this behavior. Currently this would be the Amazon fire stick app, the web based app (on macbook laptops and iMac machines), iPhone app, and iPad app.

Can you send your original note (if you haven’t already) to our support team? We’ll set up a remote session with you and check things out.