Single Show Not Found on DVR Every Week

We record a bunch of shows from CBS. Big Bang Theory is one of those shows. For the last 2 weeks, it shows as it recorded the episode, shows up under recent, but when you try to navigate it it says “Filed to load. Item not found.” then prompts to Try Again or Cancel.

Now every other show on CBS works just fine from a recording standpoint and playback. Even the show immediately after it, Young Sheldon, records and plays just fine. It seems to be an isolated issue with this particular show.

With no other way to get this content besides OTA or paying money elsewhere, this is a showstopper issue for me. Is there any way to recover this data, or figure out what’s going on so this doesn’t continue?

Sounds potentially like a db issue. You might want to file a ticket and have them take a look.

Filed a ticket…

I have a similar issue with big bang theory. The tablo displays the show in the recordings list but when I click to go to the episode, nothing is listed. Been happening off and on for a few weeks now. All other shows record fine.

I have a ticket I opened today as well :frowning: