Simply WOW

I just got my Tablo 4 Tuner today and at first I thought something was wrong as some channels were jarbled up. I then found a post on this forum where someone suggested to wait about 3 hours after initial setup before you use it so I did. After 3 hours everything works great! My god this thing is fantastic!

I been dropping cable to get everything working on a Roku with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Tablo and Sling TV.

To the developers of Tablo this device was exactly what I was looking for and it is worth every penny I paid (and will be paying for lifetime guide) for it. One antenna, on my network and works with all of my TVs!

I hope you guys get rich off this cause you deserve it!

Oh, the only thing I can think bad about is the Tablo APP on a Roku does not have the great TV Guide that has been designed for the PC Browser. If you can get that TV Guide on to the ROKU I will be in complete heaven instead of just partial heave.

Welcome @Lothos. The Roku app is undergoing a major redo and will look like the web and mobile apps very soon.

@Lothos - Thank you! Glad you’re loving your Tablo :smiley:

And @roraniel is right - you’ll love the new Roku channel!