Signal Strength Versus Channel

I have been using the Tablo for several months without any major issues. Yesterday afternoon I suddenly lost one of my channels. I get channels 3, 10, 17, 21, 27, 33, 49. Plus sub channels on some of those.

All the channels are coming in fine except 10. I get low signal message. If I connect direct to tv it is very pixelated.

I contacted the station to see if they were having any issues. They wern’t, but I was told that since 10 is the lowest channel it may be a factor of the temperature. We got very cold here yesterday afternoon and it is still very cold.

Just wondered from the experts out there if that is a valid scenario?

Any storms to make your antenna move?

Does your antenna use an amplifier?

NO and NO.

All I really want to know is if what the guy told me is plausible.


What kind of Antenna do you use? Indoor or External, is it UHF only? I read somewhere that UHF antenna will not pick up channels between 7-12 as those channels are supposed to be on the VHF band. There again you also have true channel that comes into play, even if the channel shows on your TV between 7-12 it may belong to a true channel in the 50+ band, meaning it’s not really UHF.

This thing quickly become complicated! I know I have an external UHF antenna only and I have a hard time picking up the channel 10 on my Tablo when I do a channel search, it will show up on my list once every 20 scans or so. What’s funny is the channel is usually working fine when I watch it from my antenna directly.

Temperature and or icing could be an issue. I worked at a station in the mid-west once upon a time. When it got cold, or worse iced, the radiated pattern would change, the color portion of the signal would be driven downward closer to the transmitter site and calls would start to appear about my picture is black & white from some individuals at the horizon from the tower site. This was a UHF site, but the same thing can happen elsewhere. If you said the station had a Bogner antenna I’d start laughing and say I told you so. At VHF it’s still physics and metal changes size when it gets cold, just not as critical as what it is at higher UHF frequencies.

I have heard that LED lights can interfere with OTA. Do you have any of those?