Signal strength for one show

Overall my experience with the Tablo has been great. We’ve watched all of our regular TV shows on it and even watched a few movies here and there. The issue I am having is that one show (Dr. Phil) skips for every episode. The channel (2) has a green signal strength and we watch other shows on that same channel without issue. Of course this is the show that my wife said we could switch as long as she could tape her Dr. Phils…

My first through was that our antenna had come down off the window again, but it appears securely attached. Is there a preferred method for attaching the Mohu Leaf 50 to an inside window? I tried the adhesive pads provided and they fell of quickly. I have some scotch tape holding it now, but could probably be improved.

What is the error of why it doesn’t record?

No errors are present. It will record the episodes, just the playback is jumpy and hard to understand the dialogue. This is the only show it happens on.

  1. Is this video pixelated as well?
  2. Have you tried playback on multiple devices, say Roku, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, etc.?

Yes, the image does appear to get pixelated/freeze when it skips. The image isn’t horrible though.

This is occurring while watching thru Roku, but will try on IPhone tonight.


I use 2 suction cup hangers with J hooks attached.

Much easier to move the antenna around to get the best signal.

Moving the antenna just an inch in each direction makes a big difference.


Pixelation is a indication that poor OTA signal is causing the problems, especially when coupled with the audio coming in and out.

Where do you live? See my post about new channels. Is display channel 2 a VHF broadcast channel or a UHF broadcast channel? Mohu leaf is not the best for VHF stations. I got rid of mine and gained some channels. Display channel 62 is broadcast channel 13 in Austin therefore a VHF station.

What time is the show on? Sun affects signal.

The Winegard FL5500A FlatWave
Amped Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna is better because it is made for
both UHF AND VHF stations. @TabloTV can this be pinned as recommended indoor antenna due to it being designed for both UHF and VHF? Have you done any comparing with the different indoor antennas? I was fooled by channel 62 being VHF and assume it might be happening to others too. Mohu does NOT claim VHF. Position also makes a difference…it needs to be in the bedroom window to be aimed correctly. Look at

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I moved the antenna over 12" and up 12" and signal strength is great!