Signal strength enhancement?

Tagging @TabloTV as well, as I suspect, after reading up on this topic, that a suggested enhancement may be of considerable interest to many.

I’m referring to the signal strength indicator, or the five dots.

After much reading and inquiries into effective methods of designing one’s antenna and signal distribution system, I note that all of the suggestions and struggles, both for tablo owners and others, are due to the lack of a meaningful indicator of success. The reason we need a good measurement indicator is due to the profound influence on tuner performance. There are folks looking for spectrum analyzers, signal strength indicators, and in many cases folks realize the importance of bit error rate, packet error rate, and signal to noise ratio, and they eventually arrive at the conclusion that all of those are important and that, in particular, signal strength by itself doesn’t necessarily correlate to best performance. Some of us may enjoy the detail, but the bottom line is that tablo provides almost all of the required information… Just not in a timely manner. That means it’s very painful to aim the antenna or adjust the gain structure of your system if all you have on your hand is tablo.

It occurred to me that the solution to this isn’t to buy something else (like hdhomerun or Hauppauge, or some external measuring device) the solution is inside tablo, waiting to be exposed. Here is a wish list for @TabloTV in order of importance :

  1. Make the signal strength indicator real time. That’s it. All the rest is nice gravy :

  2. Increase the number of dots for higher granularity.

  3. Add a tuner overload indicator o

That would make tablo itself useful for system design