Signal Strength Determination

One of the things I’ve discovered in gauging signal strength is through channel hopping using the TV (not the Tablo). The stronger a signal is, the quicker the channel switches to display the content. Conversely the weaker the signal, the longer it takes the channel to come up and display its content. Latching on to a specific station takes longer when it takes more time for the tuner to decode a specific frequency. The Tablo will always show the same signal strength at a specific measurement when it was taken at a static moment in time.

Is that true? I suspect it would be easy enough for it to display the signal strength in realtime (there’s apps you can get to do that with USB tuners, for instance). It would seen this is worthwhile and likely worth a feature request assuming it doesn’t actually do it now.

The reason it takes longer to tune is due to the way the signals handle error correction. Every frame of the signal basically encodes only the changes from the last image, so it takes some time to build up a complete image. From then on they just apply the changes. They also intersperse complete frames here and there, both to speed up the initial tuning as well as help out when the scene really changes a lot in one frame. If there are errors due to a weak signal, the process of building up that master image takes longer, and you might have to wait until you get one of those complete frames in error-free form.

My TV menu has a link for determining signal strength in % for every channel received. Have you checked that out on yours?

I have a signal meter. My post was intended to show how the speed of channel switching also shows indirectly signal strength. I can tell on certain days how strong my signals are by simply observing how quickly a channel changes without having to look at the meter.

Gotcha. Although maybe indicative, sounded kinda primitive and time consuming if other options were available. I suppose you could verify by comparing the results with your meter. Cheers.

Not the same thing but perhaps related: I posted earlier this year: Spinning circle - sometimes smooth, sometimes jerky where I found that while loading a channel, the spinning circle animation seemed to be smooth if the channel was going to come in good and somewhat jerky or stuttering if not. Kind of a precurser to the quality before that channel actually loaded.I didn’t time how long it took to load with the smooth animation vs. stuttering but I’ll bet the channel took longer to load if the circle was stuttering while loading. I haven’t noticed if it still does it now.

Yup I think it is related.