SIgnal quality dashboard

Proposed – a signal quality dashboard. I see that someone suggested something somewhat similar half a year ago. The idea is I’d like to see how my antenna is doing.

As things now stand, to find out how my antenna is doing, I have to go over to settings and then scroll down until I reach “channels” and then I have to pretend that I want to “edit channel lineup” which is not really what I want to do. And then am at “your channels” and I must then scroll way down to the bottom and click on “rescan”. I then have to sit and wait and wait and wait while the Tablo slogs through a scan of all sixty-nine possible channels (which is not really what I want). This takes two minutes at the least. Then what I get is a very crude signal quality indication, namely four possible outcomes. The possible outcomes are five green, three orange, one red, or nothing at all.

To make any use of this channel scan result I must scroll up and down and up and down to find the channels that I actually care about, and to display their signal quality.

This whole process takes well over five minutes and requires lots of fiddly scrolling up and down and clicking and scrolling up and down some more.

A signal quality dashboard would provide what I really want to know, namely the situation for all six of the channels that I actually care about. The dashboard would list these channels and for each one, would display a signal quality value. Preferably this is rather more granular then red-orange-green-none.

One place to do this would be in the channel guide itself. Click on Live TV and right there in the left column, next to the channel number, would be a little red-orange-green dot.


+1 this feature request. As a user, I would like to view detailed channel signal quality for a selected channel so that I can quickly verify if a picture quality issue is upstream of the Tablo (broadcast, antenna, coax, connections, etc). I propose a button next to each channel in the settings menu.

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If Tablo doesn’t do it, I’d like to see a third party Android app to show signal strength like HDHomerun has.
Yes, Developers we Would pay for it !


In the meantime, would something like this work? . I’m not sure of the specific operation but it looks like it will allow for individual channel aiming.

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+1 - I agree, this would be a very useful feature. Currently I have to hook up my hdhomerun to try and fine tune my antenna.

GREAT FIND! Yep that would work and by far the cheapest I have seen for one that allows you to tune the specefic channel.

Only downside, that’s actually made for an RV… Its built to be hard wired in (12VDC) and placed in an outlet box… But placing it into a project box with either an A/C to D/C adapter or even a battery pack should be easy enough…

EDIT: Reading reviews on Amazon shows I am not the only one who had the idea, others report of doing just that and it working well…

I noticed that (RV) after posting the link but it does seem like it would work with the setup you mentioned. There are other signal finders on Amazon and other sites, but this one seemed perfect with the channel selective aiming.


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