Signal Lock and Channel and Channel Scan issues

I have a brand new tablo, connected via ethernet.

After some initial issues where my android app kept crashing when trying to find my tablo, I was able to connect to the device via the web app and set it up.

Everything looked promising - most of the channels I’m used to watching showed up with 5 circles, guide downloaded nicely.  Setup to record Parenthood last night - great.

Then I tried to watch Live tv…problems.  I’m unable to watch Live TV on Roku, Tabloid app, or chrome.  Each error message suggests there is an issue with signal, but I’m able to RECORD a show, then watch it and it looks beautiful!  Also, I’ve been watching these same channels OTA via my crappy TV tuner for months with no issue - I just can’t believe it’s a signal issue.

So then I decided to re-scan my channels…this time the scan looks even better (more channels showing up 5 circles), but it freezes at the end.  Status bar shows 100% completion, but channel list is greyed out and can’t select “Add to guide”.

I’m frustrated…Anybody else had these issues?

Here’s something I just thought of though…I’m actually using a 4 gb flash drive which supposedly isn’t supported, BUT I can record to it just fine.  Is it possible that even though it works to record on it doesn’t work for Live?  I’m sure that’s what support will point to anyhow, so I guess I better go ahead and get a proper external HD.

I believe people have had issues with SSDs and Flash before so I don’t think they have corrected this issue as of yet and it’s in their “to do” list.

Live TV does write to the disk so you can rewind live tv.  Perhaps the behaviour of watching live and writing to the disk is the issue.

@bkadue - Unfortunately we cannot support Flash drives. These issues should resolve once you’ve attached the proper storage.