Signal is perfect, then it is not there

Quad with latest firmware. The channel is question is WGR in Buffalo which is 70 miles away with a direct line of sight because i am at Lake Ontario. When doing the channel scan sometimes it shows three dots others the full five. On more than one occasion, the most recent being last night, the signal will be perfect. And then the screen goes black and gives some message which foolishly did not write down but I am pretty sure it was not “playback ended”. The signal is gone from that point on. It does come back perfectly. I do not have this issue with any of the other channels in the tuner. But on the up side, remote connect is working. For now…

Sounds like you’re right at the edge of the digital cliff on that one.

Back in the analog days, you’d get ‘snow’ as the signal faded but with digital, it’s either ON or OFF. Depending on atmospheric conditions it could come in perfectly for a bit, but then blink out when the weather changes.

The weather was clear. Here and in Buffalo. I pick up CBS , PBS, and Fox( which are all in the same area) with no problem at all. They actually come in stronger than some Toronto stations. The antenna is aimed at Buffalo and the signals from the CN Tower come in. Not all of them though. I get CTV, Global, and CBC French. CBC rarely comes in and TVO is spotty.

To add to this Sometimes the signal from WGRz or WBEN will pixelate or freeze for a second, then continue on. WGRZ is the only station that disappears.