Sideloading Android app to Fire TV

OK, was able to sideload the android application tonight, and I'm a pretty happy camper now until the real version comes out.

FYI, I had a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard laying around and put the dongle on the Fire TV and works just fine.

Performance is much better than with my Roku 2 XS.  I was getting buffering with that and others indicated I should turn down the quality from 1080p to 720p, but the Amazon Fire TV handles it fine as is.

The only question I have now is how to get at the Tablo app other than through the Applications => Manage Installed Applications.  Is there a way to get it to show up on the Recent menu?

Google how to use Llama

You can also side load a separate launch page, such as Fired TV. It shows all apps, including other side loaded ones.

Got it, thanks