Sideclick Universal Remote On Sale for $19.99

Sideclick for Roku is ten dollars off at Best Buy today. Click this link or go to the Best Buy site and click “Deal of the Day” and you’ll find it listed there among other daily deals.

These are easy to program & set up. You can split duties on your Sideclick between multiple devices. Volume for your Sound Bar or AV Receiver, Channel Switching for your TV or box, etc.

Most important point here, is that you don’t find these on sale very often. They sell gazillions of these at their regular price point of $29.99, once in a blue moon you’ll find them on sale at Amazon (for a day or two), once in blue moon they’ll show up on Best Buy’s daily deal. For any Roku owner who have been thinking about a Sideclick, today is the day.


To each his own, I tried one of these and it made the remote feel way too wide. Still, if you can put up with it, it is nice to have one ‘thing’ to control the basics.

Pet peeve: Why in the world don’t the makers of these streaming boxes make a remote that handles a few simple TV functions (like on/off & volume)? Arrrrgh! :wink:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth…

Check out the new Roku Streaming Stick+, “ No more juggling remotes

Put down your TV remote. With our new voice remote, you can power up and change volume on most televisions, control your player, plus use your voice to find your favorite shows across top channels.”

Yeah. Voice. This ain’t Star Trek, and most voice remotes screw up from time to time (looking at you, Alexa!). Is it too much to ask for a couple more buttons? I mean, if others can do simple (as in function) ‘addon’ remotes to these things, why can’t they just make it a bit bigger and do it right?

(not dissing your answer, buttons will always be easier to use than voice for simple tasks at least)

No you missed my point, it is called a voice remote but there are PHYSICAL buttons to turn on and off your TV and adjust the TV volume. Actually go to the link and look at the remote.

Set this up as an (emergency) spare for my Toshiba Fire TV Edition set, with a standard Fire Stick remote. The Sideclick provides Power on / off for the TV itself, one click for the TV’s OTA Guide and Volume up / down for Sound bar. Sitting safely in a drawer, waiting for the day I step or sit on the primary remote.

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Yeah, I did, sorry about that.