Show's Recording Schedule Doesn't Match Live TV Schedule

One of the local TV stations has changed its programming schedule about a month ago. The Live TV section has been updated with the change, but the scheduled recordings section still has the older schedule. Trying to initiate a recording from the Live TV section still results in the incorrect show time being selected. The obvious result is the Tablo is recording the wrong show, and now the wife and kids are unhappy. I’ve updated the guide in the settings, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Is there any way to get the recording schedule back in sync with the Live TV portion, other than wait patiently?

Have you deleted the schedule completely and then added it back? Just go to scheduled and click on the REC button till it goes back to white. Exit out of that screen, and then set up the new schedule.

I hope that helps.

Deleting the schedule was the first thing I tried. Now when I try to add it, the schedule it brings up is still incorrect.

Delete all the recordings of it

I just did this for NBC News to get the correct description with assistance from Max and the developers

@TabloSupport I assume that will fix his issue just as it fixed mine.

This sort of did and didn’t work. I removed the schedule and from Chrome the recording schedule was still wrong. However, from the app on my iPhone, the recording times were correct. I don’t know why the difference, but it looks like things have been resolved. Thanks for the help.

I had the same issue, Below is what support sent me that worked for me. Shut off your VPN if you have one.

Head over there and navigate to: Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan> Add to guide .
Once you’ve selected, ‘add to guide’ the Tablo will reload its guide data information and reset its time zone.

Make sure you don’t have some kind of VPN or IP altering service enabled when you do this - all of this information is based on the IP and time zone of the device you’re using to run the channel scan. Make sure the device you’re using is using the correct ‘Date and time’ in its Settings menu.

@aatb If you’re still having this issue on Chrome, try re-syncing to your Tablo:

Disconnect from the Tablo, and from the ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen, select the ‘Tablo’ icon.

You should see a ‘connect’ prompt there. To the right, a red X should be visible. Select the red X and confirm to delete the Tablo from that device. Then select ‘Rescan’ and ‘Connect’ to the Tablo below the 'New Tablo’s header.

Also a good note from @apilcherx - a VPN can cause some issues if you’ve got one active during a channel scan.

I’ll have to try disconnecting and re-syncing. VPN portion isn’t a concern in my home setup.