Shows not showing up in the guide

I just cut the cord today and hooked up my Tablo and signed up for a lifetime subsciption. I understand the grid just shows the next 24 hrs of programing, but the guide is supposed to have 14 days worth of shows. Correct? For example, today is March 12, I know there is an episode of saturday night live and 60 minutes coming up this weekend, why dont they show up in the grid?

You will find it under TV Shows.

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When I look at the TV shows under the guide, they are not listed

You might just need to wait for another update cycle, which happens overnight.

Oh, OK. Thanks, will try again tomorrow.

Uodates to the guide happen right away for the next 24 hours and then continues with the update in the background. The complete firstime update can take several hours.

I got that message Saturday night when I reset my system and installed a new hdd.

Everything is showing up today, thanks for the feedback!

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