Shows not recording

For about the past week, it seems since the upgrade, my Tablo is not recording. On the Roku app, there are no new programs listed for the past week. However on the iPad app there are some programs listed, but when I click on them, there is a play icon like a sideways arrow with a line through it. See attached photo.   Any ideas why this may be happening?  I think I will try to reset the Tablo and see if that helps.  

Hi Klem - Have you checked on your antenna lately? Have you tried to play Live TV? It sounds like the tuner is not able to get a signal from your antenna.

Last time this happened to me, my antenna had blown off the side of the house in a windstorm and was dangling from the cord. :)) 

Check on both of those things and then touch base with support. They’ll get it sorted out for you if it’s not the easy fix of ‘my antenna is dangling from its cord’. 

Turns out my antenna is just fine. Not sure what happened, but ever since I reset the Tablo, it’s recording just fine. Perhaps a little glitch with the upgrade? Anyway, glad things are working out. Thanks for the suggestions.

@Klem - Very odd. We haven’t had anyone else have a similar issue with the update. Keep us posted if you see this again.

I have just recently experienced the same issue. I have about 3 recordings that were scheduled to record but when I try to play them I can’t. I just did a reset and I’ll see if it corrects the problem. This is a little frustrating as I didn’t know it wasn’t recording until I missed several recordings.

@jwhitesel - Did you get the little icon with the crossed out play button on the recordings? Or do they appear playable?

Yes I got the little crossed out icon. The reset did fix everything and it is now recording again.

I’m getting the crossed out play icon again for shows recorded. For example I have three episodes of NBC nightly news recorded that show up on my iPad app. All of them have the crossed out play icon. However they don’t even show up under recordings on the Roku device at all.
I am able to watch live tv on both the Roku and the iPad app, so I know that my antenna working. Any ideas?

@Klem if you're seeing a crossed out play icon on recorded shows, it means that the data has somehow been corrupted. This can be due to a number of things: connectivity issues, inclement weather, etc. If something interrupted your Tablo during the recording process, the data can become corrupted. Corrupt recordings are not displayed on the Roku app, which is why you're not seeing them there.

Any idea why this would continue to happen recurrently? For example I have NBC nightly news set to record all-new episodes. I have recording from April 15, 16th, 30th, and May 1. All of them are corrupted. Since that time, other shows are recording just fine. And there are also numerous others that are also corrupted. I would appreciate any help to sort this out. Thank you

@klem We’ve noticed that some USB hard drives have been having difficulty recording additional programs if they’re around the 80% capacity mark. This is easy to check, just go to the Settings tab on your Tablo app and you’ll see a live update of your storage. The easiest way to prevent further failed recordings is to begin clearing out some of the programs you’ve already watched. Our engineers are aware of this issue, and they’re working on a fix.

I don’t think that’s it, I checked and I have a 2 TB drive, I have 1.72 TB free yet. So not even close to 80%. Should I try doing a reset of my Tablo?

I have had a problem that happened Sunday and just happened again tonight. I will be watching a show while recording another, when all of a sudden the Tablo’s light starts blinking rapidly. Then I lose connection with both shows.

It recovers on its own, but it limits or even cancels the show that is being recorded. I still have 900 mob free on my 1 gb hard drive.

@klem and @snowcat Can you file a ticket with - I’d like to get a bit more of information. We can try some troubleshooting to see if we can diagnose this issue and get things working. 

I sent in a ticket yesterday related to this (the possible overheating one).