Shows not recording/not appearing as scheduled to record?

Any one else notice that some episodes of regularly scheduled to record TV shows… aren’t recording?

Loaded the Tablo app on my AppleTV today and noticed that nothing had recored since the first?


I go to scheduled recordings and see that nothing is scheduled to record until Saturday, Motorweek on PBS.

Again, odd…

Manually updated the guide data, no change…

I go to LiveTV and look at tonight. Two shows that the guide shows as airing new episodes should be set to record, but are not showing as recording? These are shows set to record “All New Episodes”. I manually set them to record and they now show as scheduled to record…

Anyone else seeing this odd behavior?

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Yes, I had the same thing happen this week. This is not the first time, but it is rare. What I had to do was go back and change each recording then change it back for it to properly record. It is a pain, but the only solution I know of. It often happens after an update of the player or the channels.


Thanks HobbesGrr!

Will go through scheduled recordings and double check, make sure nothing else is getting missed.

Take care.

All mine said they were set to record “new episodes” but I still had to manually reset each recording that failed. I just clicked on the record all button, then clicked back to record new and it seems to be working now. Good luck!

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@HobbesGrrr @perfectfaceforradio - Sorry you both ran into this. Can you guys touch base with support so we can have a look at your logs? We’d like to check this out:

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Sure thing.