Shows missing from web interface

When I connect to my tablo via a web browser dozens of my shows are missing. They are also missing under scheduled. However it I connect to tablo via android or roku all of my shows are there.

I’m not sure exactly when this started as I don’t often login via the webpage. Sometime in the last few weeks is my guess.

Are they missing after the sync has completed?

Yeah, you need to wait till your sync completes before looking at your recordings. If it had been a few weeks, it takes a few minutes to sync everything.

Yes, I did wait for the sync to complete. No luck.

@archer75 - Can you try deleting your Tablo from the web app and then resync it? That’ll clear any existing data and make sure the sync is fully up to date. It won’t affect any of your schedules or recordings.

That did the trick! Thanks!

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