Shows missing from Program Guide

*** Update ***

Well, it helps if I do some more searching before I post. I had no idea American Dad had moved from Fox to TBS… I am coming from Dish, and never had to update anything - i just noticed American Dad was still being recorded.

This completely explains why it’s “missing” from the Sunday night list… TBS isn’t an OTA provider :slight_smile:

I’ll go back under my rock lol

Thanks anyway,


*** Original ***

Hi everyone,

I’m finding that there are shows missing from my prime time program guide. For example, if I open in my computer’s browser and navigate to “prime time” and choose the local Fox affiliate (WDRB), I see some - but not all - of the shows. Notably missing is American Dad; yet the other Sunday night shows are all listed there.

I tried searching for American Dad under the TV Shows screen, and I see it listed - but with a 3am view time on Sundays and Tuesdays, all old episodes. No listing for Sunday night primetime.

I would gladly try to set it to record from the Live TV grid, but that page doesn’t allow me to scroll past the next 24 hours. That means I have to remember sometime on Sunday to set up the recording (something I keep forgetting to do).

This has been my only hiccup so far with my Tablo and I don’t fault the Tablo as much as the program guide provider. How can this be corrected? For now, I’ll set up a manual recording but this won’t allow me to leverage the “new episodes only” feature.



@dwstratton - Glad you were able to solve the mystery :slight_smile:

And no worries, people were wondering the same thing last year when The Mindy Project moved to a streaming service from FOX.

LOL, I feel kinda silly about this one.

Thanks, and thanks for your FAST reply! :slight_smile:

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