Shows don't always resume on Fire TV

I recently switched from a Roku 3 to the newest Fire TV. Overall I am very happy. But sometimes if I pause a show and exit out of the Tablo app it doesn’t resume when I come back to watch later. It just starts over. Is there a specific way I need to be exiting app or something?

I also noticed that if I pause a show on the Fire TV and the screensaver kicks in for a while, sometimes when I stop the screensaver the progress bar shows 0:00 for a few seconds before it jumps back to where it was.

I know that if you don’t exit cleanly, the current position will be lost. For example, if there is a power failure while you are watching or if the FireTV reboots spontaneously for some reason. I also know that the home button is right above the pause button on the FireTV remote. If you accidentally hit the Home button instead of the pause button and you do not immediately go back into Tablo, your current position can be lost.

Not sure what all the combinations are to recreate this, but I do know that if I pause the show, and hit the back button to get all the way out of Tablo, that I don’t experience the problem. I believe all that is necessary is to back out of the episode itself - that simple act should save the current location, but I won’t swear to that. I always try to exit Tablo cleanly by backing all the way out whenever I exit (so that you get the Tablo prompt about exiting the app when you leave).