Show time change

So, the new season is going to being soon, will recordings I have set up know when the network changes date & time of their shows, or do I have to delete the existing recordings and reschedule them?

Very likely if they guide data is update with the date and time changes recording schedule will be updated. You schedule a show, not a time slot as with a manual recording.

If the guide data doesn’t reflect the current date and time, removing and rescheduling the recordings with the incorrect date and time would seem pointless :thinking:

If you delete the scheduled recording and it doesn’t already exits in the current guide you can’t create a new schedule.

Of course there are always users that post to the forum because when the new season starts they fail to check for conflicts.

Thanks, I figured that, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

For me, having the guide has been great, I couldn’t even tell you when most of the shows I record actually air!

As @zippy alluded to, when the new seasons start I don’t need to do anything since the schedules are still in place from last year.

NCIS (which I record) switched from Tuesday night at 8pm to Monday night at 9pm. Tablo has it scheduled to record correctly and I didn’t have to do a thing. Except now I have to figure out something to do on Tuesday nights…

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Huh. My wife and I never had a problem figuring out what to do on a night with bad TV. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s one of the nice things about Tablo. If the date or time changes, Tablo will still find and record the show. I’ve even had Table find shows when they switched from one channel to another. The best thing to do if there’s any question is to go into your scheduled shows tab, find the show, and look to see the recordings that are scheduled.