Show the Local time of the Tablo while watching Live TV

I tried looking thru all of the feature request and can not find this on. It would be nice when I am watching live TV it would be great to have the Local time of the Tablo up at top or bottom. Right now it all it shows is how much it has buffered and where I am at in the buffer. With having the time on the Live TV it would at least show where we are at in the show, either buffered or not.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing it displayed with the guide, I wouldn’t want it showing while watching a show.

It is in the guide, at least on the web interface.

Yep, you’re correct. I was thinking of the Appletv app.

Ill second the time being shown on the Apple tv app while in the guide menu. Would be a nice feature to have

It would be best to show it not only in the guide but anytime you pause anything, recorded or live. That way you can easily check the time just by pausing.

I need this in the LG app for sure. When I pause, show me the wall clock time please.