Show scheduled but DID NOT record. New TABLO user (old new posts please)

I have set my 4-tuner TABLO to record Chicago Fire, from the guide. It shows up as tagged to record. Jan 26 was a new episode, and it did not record. The show following, Chicago Med recorded just fine. What could I have done wrong?
Thank you.

I have the same exact problems multiple times. It appears that Tablo lost its connection to the main server hence it cannot record. The solution is to:

  1. Turn off your Tablo.
  2. Hard reset your router and wait until the internet connection is restored.
  3. Turn on Tablo.

I have contacted the support and asked if they could issue a firmware fix to notify the users if something like this happens so we can reboot the devices. Otherwise it would be a week before you realize Tablo is not recording anything!

Can you select that specific recording and see if there’s anything showing in “conflicts”? This could be due to a tuner issue if your reception to the channel was low when it attempted to start recording.

If not this could be an issue with the timezone within your Tablo, a soft reset on your tablo should fix this (just click on the reset button for one second on the rear of your tablo)

Time zone was OK and channel reception is excellent in my case. Tablo “failed to check in” to the main server (known issue) was the culprit. Resetting/rebooting Tablo & router fixes it, but it will happen again periodically.

This is a serious bug that needs to be fixed SOON.

What is this problem?
“Tablo “failed to check in” to the main server (known issue) was the culprit.”

If it’s a known issue, I want to know about it too. :smile:

Yep, i have missed recordings of the Muppets… Yes… a grown man who likes the muppets…


Hey folks,

The Tablo checks into our server for guide updates and firmware upgrades; but that’s about it. If the network goes out and the Tablo can’t communicate with our end of the network, recordings should still take place.

The fastest way to get this fixed is to send us at ticket.

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I have a ticket in for this opened this morning. Thx!

That makes two.

This is good to know. I have been considering pushing tablo on to a UPS. I think I’ll pull that trigger now.

Read this thread:

Before I installed an outdoor antenna system I would get failed or incomplete recordings intermittently. Could be a marginal signal due to inadequate antenna. Advise check with Tablo.

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I’m using outdoor antenna, signal strength is maximum on all channels. Note this problem happened at the same exact time to many other users, so it’s not unique to any particular user.

I have been experiencing this problem most of this past week. I have sent emails to support and just submitted a ticket about the problem. However I noticed their hours and are closed now. Never heard anything from the emails from earlier and now they won’t be back in until Monday. So I guess we WAIT?

@Randy1 Try this:

  1. Unplug your Tablo
  2. Hard reset your router
  3. Wait until your router is back on and internet connection is restored
  4. Plug your Tablo back in.
  5. Wait until Tablo LED is solid before you do anything.

This will solve your problem if indeed the same as what we all have been experiencing.

What do you mean when you say hard reset of router?

hard reset = unplug from the wall, wait 10 sec, plug back in.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if you were suggesting pushing the router reset button. I don’t want to do that unless absolutely necessary.

Same here. Wife cannot view her soaps. Recording was correct but not showing up. Wish I would have known about this issue before I bought the lifetime membership to the guide…

Sorry to hear that happened. I can tell you that with over two years of use, tablo failing to record is something that occurs very infrequently. We haven’t had any problems at all. One thing to know, football games that run over will cause you to miss recording a show. I have a manual timer setup for NCIS LA on Sunday nights as football games often run into the shows scheduled time. Do give up on tablo it’s a great device.