Show off your Tablo

Just thought I’d open the door for people to show off their home entertainment systems and how they have Tablo integrated. We of course use Tablo on our iPads and phones when sitting outside, but when inside we have a 100" projector shooting on a Silver Ticket screen from Amazon with surround sound. Please note this picture is with a lighted room. When we want the full movie theater effect , the lights are off. :slight_smile:

but that’s not the device and/or app connecting to the tabo now really is it? How do you really push tablo’s ability beyond stock features? A projector and large screen is no doubt amazingly awesome… for all you home entertainment… but what specifically goes on with your tablo?

We have a Roku connected to the projector. It’s in the little stand at the left bottom in the picture. The box on the right is a Bose subwoofer as we have a Bose surround system for sound. We did have to use a special HDMI to fiber to HDMI cable that runs inside the wall and ceiling up to the ceiling mounted projector. We stream in numerous services; HULU, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Tablo for local channels to this projector. Tablo is recording a ton of off air and although not top notch 1080 or 4k, the picture is still very good allowing us to enjoy BIG screen Tablo OTA shows. :slight_smile:

And yet another picture, just for fun.

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