Show multiple programs simultaneously - Almost like PiP?

Even when you identify OTA TV episodes you want to record probably 50% of the actual show is junk. I can’t imagine having multiple streams and visually switching back and forth trying to decide which display has the least amount of crap.

Firefox now support multiple PiP instances

each can be moved and re-sized as needed. No extra extensions needed although container tabs may be recommended for each tablo tab. I don’t know why we’d need all this, but I stopped at 2 :mask:

Considering the quality of the various shows 1 is almost too much.

Now to get the shows to bouncer around like a screen saver would be a neat trick.

I think you’re looking for what’s termed self-medicatied :pill: I’m not recommending it nor even suggesting it! :stop_sign: But could possible create the effect you desire …and then some. :warning:
It may increase show quality as well :slight_smile:

I don’t have much use for it, I often have 2 screens for variouse reasons and/or music playing. However, it seems to be a thing for “the sports” and the question come around from time to time.