Show listings are different between Roku app and Google Chrome

TV show listings are not the same between my Roku 3 and when I use google chrome on my laptop.  There are shows that appear on my Roku3 that do not appear on chrome.  I've scheduled to record a few shows on the Roku (that aren't shown on Chrome) and would expect to see them in the "scheduled" section on chrome, and they also do not show up.  This needs to be fixed so I can manage my shows on either device.

That’s not expected behaviour @blotto13. Please send a ticket with as detailed information as you can provide (which shows were different, on which channels on which platforms) to support. 

I submitted a ticket and within a few HOURS they had responded with a fix.  I was shocked, I assumed with a new product launch I may hear something in a week or so.  Thanks!

@blotto13 - We aim to please :slight_smile:  Glad it got sorted out for you.

It’s nice you got your problem responded to. It would be nice to read the problem/resolution here :slight_smile:

That would be helpful!  The fix was to force a resync by disconnecting the tablo via the web app, deleting it, and then reconnecting.  That process worked and it's stayed synced since then.

I ran into this problem this morning.   On one of my PCs (a desktop running Win8.1 and chrome connected via wifi), the program guide wouldn’t update.  Some timeslots under liveTv had listings, while a bunch did not.  If I went to the scheduling tab, nothing was listed, though I could see all my existing recorded shows under Recordings.

First I tried disconnecting from my Tablo and reconnecting, but that had no effect.  I cleared out my browser cache, but that didn’t do anything either.  Finally, I deleted the Tablo from my list and re-added it.  That forced a sync, and I could see everything after that.

@snowcat - Thanks for the report. Sounds like a stuck cache. We’ll have @matb33 check it out. 

@snowcat do let me know if this occurs to you with the latest versions of the web app. Lots of bug fixes since April.

I suspect that since the browser is more likely to have its browser window closed or refreshed on a whim, we may be losing some data as it’s being transmitted and didn’t have a chance to hit the database. There’s a sync process that we call “sync/incremental” which sends down diffs without stuffing a big “Syncing” screen in your face. When it’s occurring, there’s a little spinner in the left slide-out menu at the top left – but that’s not in your face and nothing prevents you from closing your browser at that point. So if you close your browser or refresh, I suspect we could lose one of these payloads and end up with data corruption. I believe I can fix this though, by leveraging some synchronous data storage options offered by JavaScript as an intermediate place to store a payload while it’s being committed to the async database. Then if I find a payload in this “cache”, I assume it’s an orphan and retry the transaction.

So yeah let me know if this is still happening to you

I haven’t had it happen to me since that one time a month ago.