Show info data caching problem with tablet app

I noticed a slight caching issue with the tablet app live view.  If you look at a show say “The Middle” then click info you can see the show description.  Then select another show such as “Modern Family” and select info.  Some of the Modern Family shows have a description for The Middle (Mike and Brick are not on Modern Family).  If you back out of the info screen and select it again it is updated and now the shows description is for Modern Family.  I have not noticed this issue when using the chrome browser.  Not a big deal now that I know about it.  Just thought you might want to know.

Android is a Asus TF700T running Android 4.4.2
Tablo 2.1.4 app 1.0(12)

Thanks for the info @andersonas25 We’ll look into this.

Next time you spot this take a screenshot if you don’t mind! :) 

OK I have four Screen shots.  Its a info display of the show How I met your
Mother.  But show #21 and #22 is a Modern Family description.  I backed
out of that info display and tried it again and the next time it had a
In the Middle description for 21 and 22.   Don’t see how to post a screen shot.  If I resize the image to 5% its small enough but nothing shows up on the post.   I can email the png files if you want.

@andersonas25 - you’ll need to host the image somewhere and use a URL to post if you want to share here. Otherwise, I would suggest sending them directly to (Make sure you explain why you’re sending them and what they should look for!)