Should i Upgrade from 2Tuner?

I have a three year old 2Tuner Tablo (model SPVR201NA). It works fine, but is there any reason I should consider upgrading to the new model (better features, performance etc.)?


If you have a 2-tuner and don’t need more then 2 tuners why? If you are grandfathered onto multiple units on one subscription why upgrade versus add an additional unit.

If you want a newer toy go ahead.

Like zippy said, if you’re happy with what you’ve got, there’s no real reason to upgrade. If you went up to the new Quad, you’d get 802.11ac Wi-Fi instead of “just” 802.11n, and Gigabit Ethernet rather than 100Mbps, but I’m not convinced that’s a big deal. At most you’d be running six 10 Mbps viewing streams over the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet port.

I can’t think of any other functional improvements. You can choose to use a SATA II drive in the new Quad, instead of a USB drive, if you want, but again the USB 2.0 isn’t really a bottleneck.

I dunno about zippy’s suggestion of having multiple units, though. Having to switch my login from one to the other would make me crazy… well, crazier than I already am.

I have 3 units and multiple units isn’t really a problem - as long as you don’t shotgun recordings all over the place.

Note for most except the very old customer: Tablo no longer allows using one subscription to cover multiple devices. Just a PSA.