Should I update the software?

Just hooked up my new 4-tuner…so far it’s awesome.

It however is prompting me to update it’s software - which I’ve said “later” so far. I typically don’t update immediately until it’s been out in the wild for some time - for any software.

So I’m curious - should I go ahead and update or not…below is a a link to what I believe is the relevant parts of the settings screen to show you what software version I’m on.!AL9izTRNlULKu40&cid=71464F82E518CC22&id=71464F82E518CC22!403&parId=71464F82E518CC22!402&o=OneUp

I suggest updating

Thanks for the feedback…

I know off topic, but when I’m accessing the tablo via and I view the guide - I went to pick something to record in the next 30 min - it seems like it did everything it’s supposed to (pop-up for recurring or one time, etc.) but then when I go back into scheduled nothing is there…?

Also I have a 3tb drive connected that it said it needed to format - could it be that it’s still formatting so it’ can’t record? I first hooked it up about 3 hours ago - live tv works.

The latest version of Tablo software is VERY solid… I recommend doing the update.

What device(s) are you using for playback ?

I’ve updated the software…

A TCL Roku tv is one device…but mostly I’ve been struggling with the recordings (not recording) via the website using chrome.

On the TCL/Roku the “Guide” page is not usable - says I need a subscription - but I thought you got 30 days free when you first set it up?? Granted it never asked me to activate the device in anyway so I assume this is somehow automatic?

I have 4 Roku streaming sticks (a mix of 3400X & 3500X), a Nexus Player, and periodically play on the Chrome web browser (Windows 10) and my android phone. I bought the Nexus player when they were having problems with Roku devices, but the Roku has been very solid since the last Roku software update to V7.0 Build 9044.

I think video quality is a little better on the Roku vs. the Nexus Player, so when Roku became stable again, I switched back.

I am not sure the out of the box version of the Tablo software supports drives greater than 2 GB. So you should update your Tablo for at least that reason.

Without a working hard drive, you can only use one tuner and can only watch live tv (no recordings).

You should get 30 days trial for the guide and advanced features. If you didn’t contact Support and I.m sure they can check it out and reset it.

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Currently Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have a problem since the latest Android update, but Tablo is working on it. It used to work great there and still works great on Roku, a Nexus Player, Nexus Tablet 9, Fire Tablet.