Should all 14 days show up in the Live TV grid?

I originally had issues with my free 30 day subscription not showing up when I first setup the tablo - support has now fixed that.

But my question is if the full 14 days of the guide data will show up in the Live grid? I was thinking it would…but this morning - a day after the subscription issue was fixed it didn’t show more than 2 days out - the same as it did as soon as the subscription was fixed.

I basically wanted to validate that the full 14 days of guide data had been loaded - thinking that the grid would validate this for me.

No only 24 hours.

The 14 days of data does not show up in the grid, but is available in the categories (TV Shows, Movies, Prime Time, etc.)

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Thanks for the clarification @theuser86 and @jbritton3

I just got started and should have the 30 day free subscription. When you go to the subscription page it clearly states that once you sign up the subscription starts immediately. Come on. Why would you deny the 30 days? The subscription should start when the free trial ends.

Also, with the free subscription the TV guide only shows prime time for shows more than 24 hours in advance. I want to record the national news every night, but see no other method than enter it as a scheduled recording each day. Is there a work-around for this?

Don’t schedule a recurring recording from the live tv guide section. Do it from a computer (the device(s) interface i found is not as nice for recording)…use Chrome browser. Select shows and find the news program you want to record. It’ll give you an option to record all or all new episodes (pick all new i’d suggest). Then each night when the guide data is update for 14 days out, it will continually see the new news episode and add that to the schedule of things to record.

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Found it. You have to go to ‘TV Shows’ in the sidebar and then find your show.