Setup best practices

I was reading another thread, and it made me wonder, should I give my Tablo a fixed ip address within my network?  If the power goes out and comes back on, will Tablo try to acquire the same ip as it had, or does it not matter?  I suspect the answer is it doesn’t matter since you guys made this product easy to use for non tech people, but if there is a benefit to assigning it a static ip, it’s easy enough to do in my router…

My opinion is yes def.  Escpecially if you want to be using Tablo Connect.  I have had issues in the past with other products that when rebooting and obtaining another different ip from the DHCP server it would cause all clients to need to completely disconnect and reboot.  In a few more severe cases I had to remove channels from the client (i.e. Roku) and reinstall it :-/  super annoying.  Now I am sure Tablo has this figured out so it wouldn’t be a problem, but I still like knowing the addresses of the static devices on my network.

I recommend it as well.  My router kept changing the Tablo’s IP address (it’s a new router and I haven’t explored the DHCP settings yet), so I finally figured out how to give it a static IP.

My ASUS RT-N56U is as simple as putting in the mac address and giving the mac an IP, so I’ll probably just do it when I get home.  Better safe than annoyed later.  My setup has just a touch of insanity involved…  At any given time the router typically has between 35 and 40 clients, and can go higher if everything is on… :slight_smile:  

My name is Jamie and I have a tech problem…

My name is Mike and I also have this problem :smiley:

My name is Mike as well, and I thought I was bad with a potential 15 devices on my network.  I guess not. :wink:

I’d post a pic if i could do that @TabloTV - {jab jab}

its a bit out of control.  When we can post pics i share my server room :smiley:

PiX64 - That’s what imgur is for!

Makes it easy to host a pic to share.

And it sounds like you all have what the hubby calls ‘GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome’. :))

HAHA awesome!