Setting up Tablo w/ 3 TV's -do I need 3 Roku streaming players?

I am preparing to use my Tablo Quad OTA DVR. I have 3 TV’s, I don’t think any are SMART.

  • Where best to locate the Tablo:
  • upstairs, closest to antenna
  • in LR, because that’s the easiest place for me to interact with the Tablo
  • Assuming I am correct about the options, (1) which do you think better?
  • I think I need a Roku streaming player (Ultra planned, $50 today) for each TV (because Tablo doesn’t include viable TV controls -(2) Right?
  • While I am initially setting up the antenna, having the Tablo upstairs near the antenna would be best - (3) right?
  • I plan to see how well an indoor antenna works (window facing ideal direction). If not, I will run it into the attic or outside). In all cases I plan to run one coax cable from the antenna to the Tablo. (4) That’s best?.


Yep you will need some sort of TabloTV comparable streaming device per TV. A Roku is one such device.

Place the tablotv where ever you get the best antenna signal. While the TabloTV work via wifi Ethernet will give you the best overall experience

First you do NOT need Roku devices!
Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices provide several options.

I have mine close to the TV, because that’s where the antenna cable goes. Location depends very much on your situation. I’m not sure there is one best. I have some 30’ from the antenna, split with another50’ of coax. I’ve read other having more, many less.

I think the best is to have it split between the TV and tablo… you may not… again - not one best.

The one and only best… is what gives you the best results.