Setting Up Tablo In An RV

I am interested in setting up a Tablo in my RV. I have two questions prior to starting this.

1 - Do I have to have an Internet Connection to use the Tablo. I know I will need to setup a WLAN in the RV but most of the time I will not have Internet.
2. If I record a batch of programs on the Tablo in my home can I move that external drive to the RV an watch the programs there.



The Tablo app on some streamer devices requires an internet connection to work. What devices are you planning to use?

Moving a drive between Tablo devices is problematic. If you move the Tablo and the hard drive together, that should work fine. The better solution (IMO) is to use one of the ripper applications available for the Tablo to pull programs off the Tablo and put them in Plex or some other streamer server. Or just put them on a drive that your streamer box reads from directly.

You export recordings using one of the many 3rd party provided tools (e.g. SurLaTablo).

Thanks for the help, I will check out your solutions.

A better solution might be to remote access your Tablo from your RV. I have done this. This allows you to leave your Tablo at home but watch Live TV &/or recordings on it from any where in North America.

When without internet access you will need to set your phone up as a hot spot. This can be fairly heavy on the data so it is not something that you want to do an extreme amount of, but if you have an unlimited data plan you should have 10 GB per month of hot spot per device on the plan.

Just something to consider.

Generally, when an RV’er says they’re “without Internet”, they really mean it. Not even on their phone. There’s lots of places that RVs go that cell service is spotty if not totally unavailable. When we did the full-time RV thing, we used a satellite internet provider to ensure we had access. But the data limits on that precluded any kind of video streaming.

Well obviously it will depend on where you are & who your provider is. But these days, I have to really get off the beaten path to lose cell service with AT&T. But I will admit I have only done this once. It was at a State Park in a pretty rural area & I still had 3 bars, but the park was only about 3-4 miles off a major state highway.

It is my understanding and experience that Tablo needs to have internet access in order to download the program guide in your area. So you will need to find internet on your travels. I will be in the same situation later this year as I’ve just ordered my RV trailer and plan to travel to some remote parts of Canada.

The Tablo recordings are in Linux format on the HDD. I suggest you offload them using PC software. I use Tablo Ripper, which, when configured, will dump the files to your PC in .MP4 format. It can also delete the recordings afterwards(very useful feature, IMHO). I haven’t decided if we will take the Tablo unit with us yet. I’m leaning towards NO, as my Tablo will continue to record my programs while we’re gone. Once I get close enough to internet on my vacation, I’ll use TeamViewer to remote control Tablo Ripper to offload to my PC with auto backup to my 4TB drive.


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Good advice, I will get a copy of Tablo Ripper and check it out.