Hello! Do I need to go buy a USB HARD DRIVE, to get my new Tablo to work? I am going to be using Wireless Internet. TIA…


Hello Mary. You’ll need an external hard drive to store your recordings. If you don’t have one, you can use Tablo’s “Cloud DVR”. You can change to “Local storage” later, when you are able to buy an external hard drive.

You can pick up an inexpensive external hard drive for $50 - $60 at BestBuy (or anywhere else). Depending upon your needs, one or two TB should be enough.


Tablo’s product lines have changed! You don’t automatically need on! There’s the Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR with 64GB onboard storage. No external drive listed in What You Need! So wouldn’t it would depend which device she’s using?
Future Dual Lite will have access to Cloud DVR service, and it’s it’s unlikely external storage will be required (or optional) .

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(1). The product lines have not changed since April or May of 2018, the Dual 64 has been around for almost a year. (2). The likelihood of this not being a “Dual 64” is at least 50-to-1 (exaggerating a bit, but trust me, the likelihood is slim). If she does fall within that 2% or so (or whatever it is), this will have been seen this during the setup process, and would likely not have submitted this question.


I realize it’s (probably) the least likely option, but it is one. Do you need an external drive, probably yes, depending which device you have.

Does my internet speed matter, most likely not (for guide data) - unless you might be using Cloud DVR. Individual situations vary. The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all with the various products and configurations available. Had it bee

If she was setting up a Dual Lite the set up process could have displayed this…

Clicking the “Begin Setup” button will start the setup process, which will walk you through connecting your antenna, running your first channel scan, and (optionally) beginning your Tablo Cloud trial.

Maybe wondering if “I have cloud storage, do I need a drive?”


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I have had tivo for years but been reading up on tablo. Curious which would be best? Thanks


A list of hard drive specs and recommendations for each Tablo model can be found here: