Setting up Manual Recordings in browser

Nuisance complaint here. I’m trying to set up some manual recordings using the browser. When I get to “time”, I used to be able to just type there. In fact, I suspect that’s all I could do.

Now a “drop-down” type widget has been put in its place. This keeps me from typing a time, if what I want to type is a double-digit number. For hour, if I want to type “12”, I type 1 and it changes to “01”, then when I type 2, it changes to “02”.
Same for minutes.
When I see these type of widgets on non-web based GUIs, if the field can be typed in, it just accepts the typed value, it doesn’t change to some other selection in the box every time. I think this bug is actually the way browsers default, however, if there’s no way to fix it, I’d rather type than choose a drop down every single time.

Which web browser are you trying this from?

I used Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, but I don’t have a manual recording drop-down for time.