Setting recordings on computer

I have set up a lot of recordings via my computer app, but when I go to the App on my FireTv, the recordings do not show up there. Am I doing something wrong?

First, I don’t own a FireTv… but could it be that nothing has been recorded yet? Maybe you are not looking at Scheduled instead of Recordings? Just asking…

I don’t have FireTV either, but up until the last Roku update, you couldn’t see the scheduled shows either on Roku.

I suggest editing the title of this blog to include FireTV, so you might grab those users’ attention.

So customer service discovered the syncing is not working.

I have Fire TV…
The main starting menu down left side of screen is:

Live TV
TV Shows

I schedule programs… and I see them… also, when looking at the Live TV section, scheduled programs have a little Flag in upper right corner with “REC” in it, indicating that it is scheduled to be recorded.

Hope this helps…

I have looked in Scheduled and nothing appears that I set up on computer nor does it show up in the hourly program guide. Tablo believes it is because we have over 100 local channel, but even when i reduce the channels I want even down to the major networks, it does nothing…

Hmmm, very odd. I only have about 40 chnanels available to view with 5 dots, and I only select about 20 of those because of duplicates, religious channels, shop at home, etc., and things seem to work. How many channels are you selecting to view?

6 I think its the fact that it is scanning and when it hits 69, it freaks it out. The problem is that you cant control how many channels it scans for, only the channels you want to download programming data for. So when it bumps up to 69 scanned channels, it just freezes. Obviously a programming problem for Tablo. The lady tech told me they have had that problem with areas with many channels like here in Houston and southern CA, so obviously it is a problem.

Maybe Nuvyyo could market a poor reception antenna for those areas (insert drum rim shot here).