Setting Priority for scheduled record

There are a number of old TV shows that are blitzed on channels like MeTV and Grit.
I like to keep few fresh copies of these old shows on tablo. Sometimes a channel schedules the entire inventory of old “Mary Tyler Moore” or some other syndicated show continuously all day. I don’t care which episodes are stored, as long as there are a selection of five or so, since they are all 20 years old.

I also want to record new shows where I want only the latest episodes, and movies that may only be available one time a year. These must have a higher priority.

The default conflict resolution should be: If “record all episodes” and the number of episodes stored is equal to or slightly less than the “keep episodes” selection, any conflicts of lower priority in recording should “bump” the “all episodes” for priority to the tuner.

Additionally, there should be a priority button in the scheduler that says “bump anything to record this” to record shows or movies you really want to see.

There should also be a “don’t bump anything to record this” selection.
An example where this is needed is NHK’s newsbrief - an hourly 10 minute newscast. I don’t care if this is recorded every hour. A newscast from two or three hours ago is fine, If I schedule it, it will tie up one tuner for every hour of the day and night, making it difficult to record anything. When I want to watch this show, I simply want to start it whenever I select it, and not have to remember to start watching from the top of the hour.

A related feature would be for scheduling movies. If the movie is presented several times (or even once) in the in the presentation schedule selector, it would be helpful if the presentation listing screen displayed the red conflict icon on each listing bar where all tuners are already scheduled. That would make it much easier to select a nonconflicting time to record a movie.