Set recording when advertised

NBC just advertised this. I checked the date and it is just 14 days in advance. Besides waiting for a few days, is there another option?

@TabloTV November only has 30 days so 14 DAYS of guide data are not being provided. This has happened previously in another month that only has 30 days. Today is Nov 26 + 14 days = Dec 10.

Good catch… I bet it shows up after tomorrow’s guide update.

Nov 26 is day 1 and Dec 10 is day 15. You’ll have to wait at least until tomorrow before it shows up in the guide.

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Huh. I was thinking that Nov 26 is day 0 and Dec 10 is day E.

First day of guide data is day 1 (Nov 26). Fourteenth day of guide data is day 14 (Dec 9).

You can also count from 0 to 13 if you want but Dec 10 still falls outside the 14 day range.

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It did show up today and I scheduled it.

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