Set preferred record time for series (old thead)

Whenever I click the Record All Episodes, Tablo selects the first record date/time for each episode in a series. This generally falls during Prime Time viewing hours. I’d like a setting within the actual episode recording config to “Record Series During Off Hours” so that my 2-tuner Tablo is still available during peak/Prime Time hours for other recordings. Or maybe a check box in the “Smart Scheduling” area for this with preferred hours to/from.

Also a graphic layout of all scheduled recordings would be a super add-on feature.

Also, when is the 2nd USB port going to be available? What’s it for?


The 2nd USB port is there for a few reasons. One, it likely costs next to nothing to add it, since USB headers on motherboards usually come in pairs. Two, at one time the Tablo folks considered having two hard drives at once, but nothing has developed from that. Three, you can actually use it to power devices, like charging your phone or using a USB fan to cool the Tablo.

Being able to choose a recording time is a popular request. The one show that my wife has scheduled like that is Antiques Roadshow, It would be nice to not record the first showing (Monday prime time) but instead do the second or third showing in early morning hours. Hopefully there will be more scheduling flexibility soon.

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The 2nd usb port is for decreation or a usb fan. Since Table now works with 8 TB disk, using two diskbisn’t a big priority anymore.

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“It would be nice to not record the first showing but instead do the second or third showing in early morning hours.”

From my long period of observing antenna behavior, OTA reception is strongest between midnight and early morning. I try to schedule as many programs in that time frame as possible (not in prime time or during the day). PBS reruns daily episodes after midnight. Similarly sub-channels repeat films from the day overnight. I find that recording at night gives me great results - films with no pixelation or blips at all. This way I am able to save to my library almost flawless reproductions.

One workaround would be manual recording.

Once a series recording is set, you can always go into the series and see the upcoming shows for the next 2 weeks. The first airing will always be set to record, but you can turn that off and set another time to record. Yeah, it’s manual, but the guide gives you all future airings of the show from which to choose. One thing to be aware of, however, with PBS is that they DO air shows in SD on their second channel, so make sure you set any future recordings on the first or HD channel. For example, here in Houston, we have 6 PBS stations. I believe 4-6 are audio only, but 8-1, 8-2 and 8-3 are video. 8-1 is always broadcast in 1080p HD, while 8-2 is broadcast in 480p SD and only fills half of the screen when watching (unless you have a TV that will “snap” or zoom the picture to full screen). Just make sure your shows are set to record in HD on the *-1 PBS channel because they can be aired on the SD channel as well. :grin:

I would expect the answer to that to be that you manually go in after you have set it to “record all” and go to the “upcoming recordings” section and change which ones you wish to have recorded. Otherwise, you need the Tablo 4-Tuner. I don’t expect Tablo to change to make the 4-Tablo Tuner obsolete, which your request could do. There are ways to do this in the 2-Tablo other than the one I suggested. Look at your Tablo, play with it a bit and you will see numerous ways to make changes to your recordings. Good Luck

That works for the 2 week period that the guide shows. There just isn’t a way to have it always use that time slot, as it will reset to the first new showing after that period.

Manual recordings work as well.

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