Set live TV quality settings at the device instead of the tablo

It would be great if you can set the live tv quality settings on a device basis instead of the tablo itself. I may want my wireless roku stick at HD720 - 3Mbps because of the signal strength (or because its the device the kids watch and HD doesn’t matter to them as much), whereas I want my corded AppleTv set at HD1080 - 10Mbps because of the corded capability and/or because that’s the main watching tv.

What if both devices are used at the same time? That is why you can’t have that feature. All the processing is done on the Tablo itself, and then sent to the devices.

Well, you could, but yet another tuner would be used… (where’s that 10 tuner Tablo?).

Just seems like since the tablo is sending the signal to the devices, it can decide how to send it based on the device settings. This device - 1080. This other device - send it at 720. Etc. it’s already sending multiple streams at once. It’s just doing one setting for all the streams.

Just a thought! Hopefully they will put it in their pipe and smoke it!

I think there’s two different but similar ideas. When you view the Tablo “remotely” there is a bitrate transcode that might happen (occupies a free tuner) based on your “remote” streaming quality setting.

So, there’s the idea of “Live TV” recording to file setting (Tablo is always recording to file), the idea of scheduled recording max quality and there’s also the “remote” streaming/viewing quality (which occupies a tuner to do).

The latter has more to do with “sending” if you will. But does occupy a tuner and normally only applies to remote viewing.

Not an answer, just dropping off some more info for consideration (by everyone).