Servers down again

Unable to connect but only get spinning wheel of death on Android app. (Watching recordings offline on Roku).

11:24 EST working on my iphone and roku.

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10:26a CDT – My Status shows both devices online. I’m able to connect without issue on Roku and Android.

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It’s back, again. I have to wonder if nuvyyo has sufficient bandwidth. I noticed that several times daily there are connection problems. e.g. 8:00pm when many are settling into their evening watching.

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Could be that your router might not have enough bandwidth. The Tablo records/plays in full, uncompressed MPEG-2, so takes more network to stream your Tablo than it would to watch a YouTube or Netflix show.

Out of curiosity, have you rebooted your modem/router and then Tablo to make sure they’ve got a very solid connection?

I have plenty of bandwidth and have run many tests while troubleshooting Tablo’s problems. As stated several times before… Tablo is not ready for Primetime.

When it works It’s great. Gen 4 has hiccup after hiccup. My Legacy unit almost never goes down.

I see the potential, but the company has suffered since the buyout.

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And yet only you had an issue connecting this morning.

You do realize that a network hiccup can happen at any time. Signals can become weak and need to reestablish a better handshake.

A test from yesterday does nothing to try to solve today’s problem.

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