Server in limited mode?

I couldn’t sleep and decided to watch some news on my Android device but when I tried tuning in the channel, I received a player error. It said the server was in limited mode and that some functions were not available. Reasons could be database maintenance or software upgrading. Not upgrading software (yet) so it’s database maintenance. How often does this happen and if I had a scheduled recording, would it still record during this?

@IllBeDarned - “Server in limited mode” indicates database maintenance is happening on your Tablo. It usually only takes a few minutes, but is dependent on the size of your database (which directly correlates to the number of channels you have scanned in).

And yes, your scheduled recordings will proceed during this period.

Ok, thanks. I figured it was that simple but thought since it was kicking me out of watching live TV, something else might have been going on.

Yesterday my Tablo was stuck in “Server in limited mode” for a long time and could not doing anything at all. I had to finally power cycle Tablo to restore service. My Tablo is running on the latest f/w, and I’m hoping that this is just a one off incident :worried:

Is there a way to setup a time frame when this database maintenance runs? My Tablo was in it for at least an hour and half this morning. I was watching tv and tried to change channels and got the message. I couldn’t even get back on the channel I was watching.


Not only the ability to set up a time frame but default it to overnight if it isn’t already.