Series Recording - All New Episodes...2 Networks

How does the series recording work when selecting to get all new episodes if I get two networks that air the same programming? Like say your close enough to two major cities and am able to get all the major networks from both cities - yet sometimes they air different programming which is why I don’t exclude one from the lineup.

I would assume it would record both unless you did manual recording.

My experience is that the Tablo records just one of the stations if they are showing the same programming. The Tablo will record the one that plays first (time-wise that is) and if they air at the same time will choose the lower numbered station as the source. If the stations are playing the same show, but different episodes the Tablo will record both.



I record KXAN News at 20, but the repeat on sister station gets recorded too.

News may not have appropriate episode information to enable the Tablo to determine that it’s a duplicate.

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Interesting - I’ll see if I get the same results as I just setup a series for a show…they happen to not be on at the same time - some PBS stuff.

That is one thing I liked about the Tivo - you could choose the channel for the series if you so desired.

@TabloTV is it possible to add a selection of channel?

It is possible to add a channel selector when setting up a recording, but that’s something that would/should be wrapped into ‘advanced recording options’ just like early/late start times etc.

Something we definitely want to do, just don’t have an ETA.


I am pretty sure the series will be duplicated. When I record a movie on one channel and even though I have checked “do not duplicate”, the movie is also recorded again because it is on a different channel.

No you will not get duplicates. I set many shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Black-ish, Modern Family that air on a Canadian OTA channel and an American OTA channel which are both in my guide. The guide data as the same episode ID for the 2 shows and thus only records 1 show for the new episodes.