Selling 4 Tuner Tablo w/2 Hard Drives and More!

Decided to sell my Tablo SPVR4-01-NA 4 Tuner DVR and both hard drives bought for it. Also comes with remainder of a 1 year Tablo Guide Data Subscription and a Manhattan 200 mm Notebook Computer Cooling Pad. Had the Tablo and the Seagate 1.5 TB since March of this year. Just bought the WD Elements 1.5TB last month. Everything is working fine, but just too much trouble to convert content for my PLEX home theater.

Here’s the stuff

Tablo SPVR4-01-NA 4 Tuner DVR - New price $299.99 - Asking price $200.00
Seagate 1.5TB USB 3.0 2.5" Portable External Hard Drive - New price $73.25 - Asking price $50.00
WD Elements 1.5TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - New price $79.99 - Asking price $50.00
Tablo Guide Data Subscription - 1 Year USA - New price 49.99 - Asking price FREE!
Manhattan 200 mm Notebook Computer Cooling Pad - New price $17.89 - Asking price FREE!

Total New Price was - $503.22 Total Asking Price is - $300.00

Will be putting on my Ebay account over this weekend, but thought it’s priced right and someone here might need it. Everything is in “as new condition” with latests updates. Works like new. Tablo will be factory reset and hard drives will be formated. Good deal for someone starting out, or expanding. FREE 2 DAY INSURED SHIPPING using USPS Priority Mail 2-Day to normal delivery address, Continental United States - Signature required. Other shipping options and destinations will cost the actual difference. Prepay only. I can accept credit cards/Paypal/Check. All funds will have to clear before shipment.

Use the Forum Messages Option if you are interested. First come, first served.



Interesting. The Tablo Exporter works quite well and I’ve found it to be no trouble at all… Sorry to see you go…

Hmm, i am a potential new tablo user. And i am on an ipad while on vacation. I do not see a forum messenger option, so i am replying here. Please message me if these are still available. Thanks

Click on his avatar for the messaging option

C0pyCatter - Your right, Tablo Exporter is a very good, easy to use app. It is just that I have storage of 3 drives of content to work though, which will take me weeks of effort to eventually get them into my PLEX server. I have come to realize, I just do not want to spend that time for this.

Morenu - Sent you a message.

philsoft - Thanks for the help.