Selecting Roku Recordings to View

There are some shows that I record daily with the Tablo.  When I view these Recordings each day via the Roku box, under the “Today” section, I find it odd that the default episode selected is always the oldest one.  I think it should default to the newest one, after all I am looking under the “Today” section.  When there aren’t many episodes this isn’t a big deal, but once there are 20 or 30 (or more) shows in the list I will always have to wade through all the previous recordings (moving all the way to the right) to get to the last recorded (latest) show.  Please consider changing this behavior.

Duly noted @mbellaire 

Adding this to the feature request list.

What would really be a superb improvement is for the DATE RECORDED and Channel to be shown below the ICON like on Aereo: Sunday April 13th WSB TV ABC At the very least the date.