Selectable recording quality setting per episode/series/show/whatever

In an effort to maximize hard drive space I think this would be a good “advanced” option when setting up recordings. Not everything needs full 1080@60fps but it’d be nice to be able to set a general 720p 3-5mbps for most recordings and override recordings with a higher quality level as needed.


I’d second that, but I’ve already asked for it myself.

Tablo doesn’t think it’s worth doing, and most people here seem to think there must be something wrong with me if I am willing to accept anything other than the best picture possible. They also point to the fact that drive space is cheap. That is certainly so, but you can’t simply swap out the drive with a brand new one because there is no sanctioned method of transferring the old shows to the new drive.

Anyway, I still want it :smile:

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It is technically possible but would require a lot of UI work which we’re a bit reluctant to jump into for the reasons @kkoceski pointed out…

That being said, we could potentially bundle that into an ‘advanced recording settings’ screen that would have other things like adjust start/stop and selecting which channel you want to record from if there are multiple networks.

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While I did do some custom settings per show when I was a TiVo customer, I like the simplicity of Tablo

I would use this feature to record sports at max quality and everything else at low quality. I am going to do this somewhat manually I think. Just change the setting before the game and change it back afterwards - worst case a few extra shows get recorded at high quality too.

This is the use-case. I want sports at a higher quality as well, but 720p (5mbps) is fine for everything else (to save space).

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While this would be great I would still like to have a per-show recording limit … i.e. keep 10 episodes of the simpsons but record all episodes of big bang theory …

as an adjunct to this … it would then be nice to specify a recording quality … i.e. record those simpsons episodes at standard quality but record big bang theory in high quality.

Yes please.

Exactly. I have been doing this manually before and after NFL games. It is annoying.

I would love to see this, too. Both overriding the recording quality AND being able to specify a maximum number of episodes to keep for each show (and choices on how to determine which ones to keep – newest, most recent, etc.).

I understand the complexities of implementing features into the myriad of platforms you support, but (as I said in another post), this kind of advanced functionality is entirely appropriate (and maybe even better) if it’s ONLY implemented in, which is probably the easiest platform for you to update.

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I am thinking of buying a Tablo and have been doing research. This is certainly a concern of mine. I would like to be able to watch sports at 60fps on a 70" 4k TV but for all other shows I am fine with 720p 30fps or probably even lower. I will have the tablo and main TV connected over 1gb cat6 but some of the other TV’s that won’t be showing sports will probably prefer the lower encoding rates. Yes, hard drives are cheap, but replastering walls to run new cat6 drops certainly isn’t. Thanks.

If you need 4K 60fps, no Tablo doesn’t deliver that. The only solution will be a direct to TV DVR solution in order to get what you’re wanting (noting it want necessarily get you other things). Depending on number of TVs, it might be cheaper to get Tablo for the flexible “everywhere” solution, and just have the direct DVR device on the TV you use for watching sports.

  1. You can only pick 1 recording quality with the Tablo.

  2. You likely will not be satisfied with the 1080p h.264 video as it is not an entirely lossless format (I’m happy with 720p 5 Mbps). If you want an untouched video stream, check out HDHomeRun and Plex DVR. You will need a dedicated computer or NAS for it, so this will be more expensive than the Tablo.

  3. Or scrap everything I said above and give the Tablo a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. If not, return it before 30 days.

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The episode retention list and start/end time options do exist per schedule, can we also get the recording quality added now? As mentioned in earlier posts for Sports I would like to have max quality but for general shows the lower setting is preferred for space reasons.