Seeing dropped scheduled programs on 2.2.12

This morning, for the first time, I had a couple of programs that were not showing the orange flag in the upper right hand corner that should have been scheduled to record tonight. The programs are Bull and NCIS: New Orleans. These are both indicating new episodes in the guide, original airing tonight (11/15/2016) and verified on to both be new episodes.

These are programs that have always been set to record all new episodes, and recorded flawlessly for me under 2.2.10

When I clicked on Info, subsequent episodes were showing orange on the “REC” button, but tonight’s episodes for the 2 shows were showing a gray “REC” button.

Anyone else seeing this since the update to 2.2.12?

It was a recurring problem in the beta (2.2.11), but I haven’t seen it since they fixed it (I’m on 2.2.12 now).

Mine is showing both those shows are recording tonight.

I saw in earlier releases where an entire series had been cancelled, but haven’t seen where individual episodes had been cancelled.

I’ll keep an eye on this to see if it happens again.

I had the same issue yesterday. Both Bull and NCIS failed to record.

Yes, something VERY strange happened last nite with NCIS. It did not record the new show listed in the guide, but did record and old show from last year. (Tony D was in it) I checked my Titan TV broadcast stations in Phoenix ( 77 stations) and there were no reruns of NCIS on any station, so where did it come from?. Any ideas on this one Tablo Man?

The old NCIS show from last year was recorded on my Tablo as well, but there is an explanation for that. CBS changed their programming at the last minute… not enough time to reflect the change in the guide. My memory on this is a little hazy, but they figured viewership would be down because of something else going on that night, maybe the world series or one of the debates.

Maybe a bug in 2.2.12 caused the dropped recordings? I don’t know if it’ll be a recurring problem, but I usually check the live guide every morning just to make sure shows I want are still scheduled. @CycleJ mentioned it was an issue with the beta release, so hopefully @TabloSupport is aware.

Hey folks, we had a similar experience here locally. We were able to track this down to a guide data error. It appears that some ‘New’ flags (as in, a new airing) may be set incorrectly; either from the broadcaster or the guide data provider. We’re looking deeper into this to see if there’s a way to work around this.

No, this was last nite 11/15/16 and it was listed as new in Titan

That’s odd, because last night was a brand new episode.

Yes, it is - and it was the correct episode #7 with the correct summary, but an old show with Tony. And I checked all 77 Phoenix channels on Titan and there were NO reruns of NCIS last nite. Maybe we are being invaded?

My two cents, my Tablo didn’t record anything after 8pm last night. So no Bull, Late Show with Colbert, Brooklyn 99 and Scream Queens.

This morning my Tablo was on but unreachable until rebooted.