Security questions

I see that TabloTV requires port 80, 443 and 8887 inbound to be forwarded to it.  

What mechanism does TabloTV use to prevent unauthorized access?     If someone sniffs my “remote access” traffic from a public hotspot, can they use the info to replay or otherwise gain unauthorized access to the device.  

What credentials are used?   How are they secured over the public internet?    

Lastly, with three TCP ports open, what efforts has TabloTV done to make sure that various attack methods are not exploitable (openSSL - heartbleed,   data buffer overuns,   cross site scripting… ?    Basicly,  if the box is compromised remotely,  intruders would have full access to the inside LAN.   Since these internet facing forward ports are well known (31880, 31883 and 31887), I can see them becoming attractive targets for  hackers versed in these popular exploits.
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This is a great post and I do not see any reply. Did the Tablo folks answer this? I see attacks to the Tablo on my network constantly and this worries me.

You mean that with all the other valuable targets such as banks, DNC, voting machines, nuclear power plants,etc. those pesky Russians want to hack into my tablo to steal episodes of Green Arces and Mr. Ed.

Holy Cryptology Batman.

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I really don’t care about what is on the Tablo as much as them using it to gain access to the rest of my network Robin.

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If you only open the desired ports and the tablo server only allows remote connection from a paired device where is the hack - unless someone hacks your paired device.

For at least 15 years various nation states and script kiddies have been port probing on a regular basis.

You may not need to protect your pathetic tv shows. And attackers are not interested in them either. . They are interested in a rooted Linux box as an anonymous launchi point for attack’s elsewhere on the internet and your home network.

More likely they want to hack your tablo to turn it into a cryptomining node in their botnet.

I would buy more Tablos, and do this myself. :slight_smile:

Gee, I thought they were interested in routers,smart TV’s, and any device considered to be internet of things.

That’s why my wife is concerned that the sensor on the toilet paper dispenser won’t send out an alert when it’s low.