Security and Privacy Concern

Does Tablo updates itself when a new firmware comes out? Do I have control of it? Will it have an annoying prompt message to force for update every-time I start my Tablo if I choose not to? Will I have an option to go for previous firmware? If I decided to go for lifetime subscription, does Tablo have access to my device when I put my serial number anytime without my knowledge? Does serial number coincide with mac address? If not, it’s all good… if so, do you promise not to mess with my Tablo until I get my money’s worth? lol

Sorry for being curious and paranoid… I do like this product very much…It’s working for me and it’s stable for now… I just worry about the longevity of this product… That’s all… Thanks!

You pick when you update but the prompt will be there forever if you don’t unless something was recently changed.

You will see a message that a new firmware is available, you can choose to ignore it at the time. I don’t believe it comes up every time but can’t say what the frequency is.

AFAIK, you have to do something to put your Tablo into a mode where a support person can look at it, regardless of subscription status.

Lifetime subscription is for the program guide.

The ability to go back to a prior firmware is something you have to work out with support. I don’t think they can always gurantee the ability to go back without data loss. Depends on the upgrade. Several here have gone back to the prior firmware. But I know there was some internal db re-org as part of the upgrade, so I’m pretty sure there things “lost” by going backwards (e.g. recordings maybe that were made while on the new firmware).

I view it as a “relationship”. Sometimes things break, but generally speaking Tablo responds fairly quickly to address those, and they do “beta” test with real users prior to release (and yes, you might be able to sign up for that).

Firmware roll outs don’t happen all at once. So it can take awhile (days) before you get “the prompt”. Nuvyyo wants you have the best experience and so the idea is that firmware updates will make things “better” for you. But everyone can make mistakes… just saying the idea is it’s best to stay up to date, realizing that sometimes there are bugs, Nuvyyo is quick to address those sorts of things.

To be honest, Roku firmware updates have cause me more grief.

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@beastman, @cjcox Thank you! Good to know… Kudos to support group that they’re there to help when needed… I guess what I’m getting out of this whole security/privacy thing is about option… It’s a good start that I can still say “no” for update if it doesn’t really needed… I’m a big fan of major updates but not so much on little ones… I care more of the stability of my Tablo than certain features added that I don’t normally use… I dunno’, I just get this notion that whenever I don’t have any control of the product I bought then I don’t really own it… I merely leasing it… Silly me, I hope am wrong… Lol…

I run the beta and have reported a major problem a time or two. They test it in house prior to beta testers. They had the problem fixed in a day or two. I didn’t complain because i know what beta is

Depending on how many users and who the users are, it can be very hard to defer firmware update.

The way it use to work was the user was ask once on the first connect after new firmware availability to either install or defer installation. If the user elected defer a hidden option showed in the settings menu which you selected to install the new firmware.

A few releases ago it changed so that every time you connect you are prompted to install or defer installation. This is very annoying since you have already made your decision. After being nagged a number of times you almost always select to upgrade just to eliminate the message. If you live in a house with multiple users it is also very easy for anyone to cause a firmware upgrade.

Gotcha’…I think a good solution to this is maybe Tablo can implement an Admin user so no one can just get into it to update/upgrade? then again that’s a decision Tablo(Nuvyyo) make if they want us to have control of our device or not? Most likely not… but am confident though that with there knowlegeable support team… any issues will be taken cared… in this case we’re all in good hands… Just like that AllState commercial? Are you in good hands? lol

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Admin user has been requested in the past, as has a way to remotely reboot the Tablo. They haven’t implemented yet or even said if they would. I prefer fo ser the only keep so many episodes implemented first.